Pottery Lessons
People often ask us if we teach pottery.  Beth teaches
at the Rusty Kiln in North Windham, CT.  Please call
Pam or Les Giddings, the shop owners, for more
information at 860-423-1550.  Rusty Kiln is also a great
place to get clay, supplies, equipment, and they do

Beth has been teaching at Rusty Kiln for 10 years.
Prior to that she taught at the "old" Rusty Kiln and for  
West Hartford's Continuing Education program.  Beth
holds a BFA from the Hartford Art School and an MS in
Art Therapy from Springfield College.  

Any one of the Rusty Kiln potters will tell you that all
you need to learn to throw is some patience and a
sense of humor!  Hope to see you there!
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