Favorite Uses for Our Pottery
We bake chicken with all the fixings, make paella, or
Ask us about our baked Brie recipes!
Chips and dips with warm queso, salsa &
sour cream. Yes, we'll give you the recipes!
Jenine loves her Bonsai Trees.
Call Victor Eng, Proprietor of
Bonsai Gardens 860-649-9400.
He'll get you started!
We usually eat Keifer's Kettle Korn right out
of the bag on the way home from the
market....this bowl is for company!
We try to keep our berry bowl filled all
summer long
This year, Beth is actually going to
learn to play the drums she makes!
Dog Days at the Market, complete
with Maxie & leash hooks for Echo
Dog White Sheppard Rescue
And, there's no such thing as too big of
a coffee mug.... Come see for your self!
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