In the Studio with Beth
I spend a lot of time in my basement
studio working on my craft & exploring
the limits of the clay and my skill as a

To me nothing has more potential then a
lump of clay about to be thrown. A lump
of clay has no real form or function: no
future or purpose....I love raw clay! I love
being a part of it's transformation. I love
the process.

In my mind, my work never looks better
then right before I take it off of my
wheel, or finish assembling it before it sits
to dry.

I throw to make inventory. I throw to
make art. I throw to relax, reflect, and
think. I throw because I'm a potter &
that's what potters do. Any artist will tell
you they make art because they have to
and that is what makes an artist an artist.

Being a potter is not my job, it is who I

Sharing my art is what I do and giving
my art a home makes you an integral
part of the process.
Fine Wheel Thrown Pottery